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Toys through the ages. A book for all ages.


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In this book of plaything, the author have attempted to open the door, as it were, to the realm of toyland. Not so much to present a detailed chronicle of all the toys of childhood produced in modern times as to delineate in words and pictures the story of some of our best-loved toys. The records of many of the early craftsmen are scarce, even those of nineteeth-centruy America. However, there are so many facts about playthings that are little known, or that have been forgotten, taht it seems worth while to recall some of them. Here, then, is a blend of nostalgia, wonder, and nonsense, interwoven with history, legend, and romance of philosophers. To letters, memoirs, essays of reminiscense. To novels, old toy catalogs, and a sizeable but little-known collection of books on toys. Toys are not toys unless they are fun, and the reason for writning this book is based on the same preimise.

Chilton Books, New York, 1962.

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INDHOLD: Nostalgia, wonder, and nonsense. – Playthings of ancient times. – The christ child and the hobbyhorse. – Bring med a faring! – The wonderful world of dolls. – The romance of doll houses. – The marvelous era of automatons. – Adventures in toy valley. – Let’s play soldiers. – Toys that taste good. – The magics of music and sound. – Toys in the new world. – Too much for a whistle. – Penny Banks. – Santa Claus takes over. – Noah’s ark, the sunday toy. – Teddy and the bear. – Toys are big business. – Stories about toys. – Bibliography. – A selected list of stories about toys.- Biblioteksindbinding. – Illustreret. – 145 sider. – Med boglomme på indersiden af indbinding.