Blamires, Harry.

The Cassel Guide to Common Errors in English.


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Indeed to try to lay the law down about English usage today is to enter a minefield. There are even voices to be heard implying that the mother tongue is a free-for-all, an area of experience over which no one has the right to impose restrictions in the name of grammar, logic or tradition, But compilation of a guide to error starts from the presupposition that there are standards to be upheld which are not being upheld. By its very natyre, the book must be packed full of recommendations and implicit prohibitions. It cannont be ecpected to delight every reader.

BCA, London. 1998.

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The book contains an informed and wide-rangig guide to common pitfaals, mistakes and misunderstandings in spoken and written English. It looks at hundreds of words that are frequently used incorrectly or inappropirately. The everyday grammitcal errors explores, and the book clarifies questions of usage, syntax and style and in doing so draws on examples from contemporary newspapers, magazines and radio programmes.- Indbundet med omslag. – 333 sider. – Pænt eksemplar.