Sullivan, Michael

The Arts of China.


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The book paints a fascinating and balanced picture of the unique artistic achievements of the Chinese people from the Stone Age to the presence. In 1967 several achaeological dicoveries and researches quickened and some of the most sensational findings took place at the height of the Cultural Revolution in 1966-1968, when it seemed to the outside world as is China had turned her back on her cultural heritage. The author describes these discoveries, which includes the finding of the bronze weapons used by members of the Shang Dynasty (1500 BC – 1027BC) and of the exquisite tomb of Liu Sheng, a prince of the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD), and his wife Tou Wan. The discoveries has reassessed the history of all the major Chinese arts and crafts from the magnificent painted pottery of the Neolithic period to the painting, operas and ballets of The People’s Republic today.

Cardinal, London 1973

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INDHOLD: Chronological table. – Reign periods of the Ming and Ch´ing Dynasties. – Before the dawn of history. – The Shang Dynasty. -The Chou Dynasty. – The period of the warring states. – The Ch´in and Han Dynasties. – The Six Dynasties. – The Sui and T´ang Dynasties. – The five dynasties and the Sung Dynasty. – The Yüan Dynasty. – The Ming Dynasty. – The Twentieths Century. – Notes to the text. – Books references and further reading. – List of illustrations.- Uindbundet. – Illustreret. – 256 sider. – Pænt eksemplar.