The Legend of af Teddy Bear. Postkort

DKK 50,00

Varenr. : P – 1.53 Varemærke. – Ubrugt postkort med billede af teddybjørne. Kortet stammer fra West Virginia, hvor den sorte bjørn er udbredt.  – Pænt eksemplar. –  50 kr.

Teksten på kortets forside fortæller om oprindelsen til   betegnelsen “teddybjørn”:  “The  teddy bear became popular just after the turn of the century, during Theodore (=Teddy) Roosevelt’s administration. Early one morning, a young girl left the farmhouse to fetch water from the well and noticed bear tracks in her yard. Flowwing the tracks to af nearby orchard, she discovered a cute black bear cub  The mother bear was not there, so the girl took the cub home and kept inside the house as a pet. One day a neighbour persuaded the girl to sell him the bear, and knowing how much President Roosevelt loved “big game”,  the neighbour sent the little bear to him as a gift. Soon after, manufacture of cuddly toy bears began and an American tradition was born; The Teddy Bear.”

Ron & Linda Card, USA Uden år.

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