R. S. MacNaught og David Milton

The Golden Age of Steam. Locomotives of the Great Western and Somerset and Dorset Joint Railways


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The age of steam trains was  a golden, romantic era which lives still ind the memory of those who knew it and in the dreams of many who did not. And this small book  contains pictures  and text about the steam engines from  the period of the golden age of steam.

Varenr. 65.841- 40 sider. – Illustreret med billeder af gamle, engelske lokomotiver. – Uden oplysninger om udgivelsesår. – Pænt eksemplar m. prismærker på forsiden. – 100 kr.

Somerset & Dorset Joint Railways - Uden år.

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Indhold:  The Golden Age of Steam. – No 1 . 111 The Great Bear.  Britains first Pacific, Great Western Railway No. 111 from 1908. – NO 2. The Museum Flyer. No.3 A pair of granges , introduced 1936 , intended for fast freight and intermediate passengers. – No 4. Big Bertha.  The largest engine built in Derby for the Midland Raiway in 1919. – No 5. Pacific power in double harness. British Railways Britannia class 4-6-2s . – No 6.  An express castle.  Hereford Castle no. 7022. – No 7. An Edwardian express 1909. – No 8. Les Churchills. The Dean Goods introduced in 1883. – No 9. A tough workable warrior. The kirtley goods engines 1863-1874. – No 10. A Western Flyer. A Bristol and Exeter engine 1904. – No 11. The incredible express tanks.  The ex-Midland engine BR. No 58047. – No 12. The express pilots. The Pines Express no. 40564. Later used for piloting the heavier expresses and for light passenger work until 1962. – No 13. Matched pair of Bulldogs. Two locomotives at Highbridge. – No 14. Tha banking Jinties. The nickname “Jinty” was derived from a Midland expression for a shunting engine. – No 15. The pride of the line. Probably the best known of the Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway locomotives 1914 -1925. – No 16. The black fives. The LMS Class 5 from 1938. – No 17. Changing fortunes in freight.  LMS 8f locomotives used 1941 to 1966. –  No 18. Succesful locals. Two modern classes of light locomotives for use on branch linesafter World War Two. – No 19. The Billeid Light Pacifics.  – No 20. the Chiming Fives. The BR Class 5 locomotives. –