Brunt, P. A.

Social Conflicts in the Roman Empire.


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This little book is not a general history of the internal affairs of Rome in the Republic. Its subject is defined by the title. It is concerned with the conflicts that arose between orders and classes in society.

W. W. Norton & Company Cop. 1971.

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INDHOLD: Preface. – Chronological Table. – Note on Coins and Measures. – The Bacground: Roman Expansion and Its Results. – The Background: The Roman Economy. – Plebeians versus Patricians 509-287. – The Era of Quiescence 287-134. – Reform and Reaction 133-79. – The Fall of the Republic 78-27. – Epilogue. – Fther Reading. – Index.- Uindbundet. – 164 sider. – Pænt eksemplar med navn på titelblad.