Kejlbo, Ib Rønne.

Rare Globes. A cultural-historical exposition of selceted terrestrial and celestial globes


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In our day it is not unusual to value old globes and maps as decorative objects. This is easily understandable as, in addition to their inherent historical message, they have all the appearance of works of art. After centuries of obscurity many globes have become precious collcetor’ s items. But it is not solely a modern phenomenon to consider cartographical works as objets d’art. The construction of terrestrial globes as well as map making flourished during one of the great epochs of art, viz, the Renaissance. The globes and maps of that time were indeed intended to serve both as ornaments and as a means of delineating exact knowledge. Quite often, however, they were not the products of conscious cartography, or meant to suppert the memory of their maker, much less to educate his contemporaries or give them a better grasp of geographical knowledge already existing. Certain cartographers did not even base their works on mathematics or the results of systematic measuring or suveying

Munksgaard / Rosninante, 1995.

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INDHOLD: The earliest history of terrestrial and celestial globes. – Cartography and the art of globe making in the years of the great geographical discoveries. – TYCHO BRAHE AS A GLOBE MAKER: Thycho Brahe’ s Globus Magnus Orichalcicus. – Tycho Brahe’ s catalogue of stars and constellations. – Caspar Vopel’ s armillary sphere – traditionally believed to have belonged to Tycho Brahe. – GLOBES WITH DEDICATIONS TO KING CHRISTIAN IV OF DENMARK: Two van Langren globes. – A terrestrial globe by Jacob van Langren. – A Blaeu globe. – Christian IV’s expedition to Greenland. – Hall’ s expedition. – Dating the Blaeu globe. – The Güstrow Globe. – The celestial globe, companion to the Blaeu terrestrial globe. -ASTRONOMICAL CLOCKS AND LARGE GLOBES: The Armilliary sphere made by Josiah Harecht. – Nicolaus Siebenhaar’ s astronomical clock. – The small Gottorp globe. – The large Gottorp globe. – Vincenzo Coronelli’ s large globes. – ERhard Weigel’ s globes. – ATLAS FIGURES: Two goblets by Peter Oehr. – Globe goblet by Hinrich Lambrecht II. – Globe goblet attributed to Abraham Gessner. – Atlas as a porcelain figure. – The Man on the Spire. – SOME OUTSTANDING GLOBOGRAPHERS. SURVEY OF GLOBES: The Homann Establishment deceives The Royal Library in Copenhagen. – Gotthard Friedrich Stender makes two globes for the Dansih King Frederik V. – Hans Hansen 1738-1792. – Georg Ferdinand von Oldenburg 1800-1866. – Picture gallery. – Notes. – The construction. – Catalogue. Restoration. – Catalogue. Key to the catalogue. – Literature. – Index.- Indbundet. – Illustreret. – 236 sider. – Pænt eksemplar.