Grimal, Pierre, ed.

Larousse World Mythology.


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All races without exception have possessed a mythology. To trace the outline of the world´s mythology is to trace also the pattern of man´s development. There has benn no age, no civilization that has not probed the mysteries of life and sought to explain them by the graphic means of myth. The preoccupying questions have remained constant – how the world was created, what forces govern man´s life, and how best can he make them favourable to him? The answers have been asvaried as the societies that have produced them, ranging from the primitive to the near-sophisticated.

Hamlyn, New York 1973.

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INDHOLD: Man and myth. – The problem of prehistoric religions. – Egypt: Syncretism and state religion. – Empires of the ancient Near East: The hymns of creation. – Sumer. – Babylon. – Hurrites and Hittites. – Western semitic lands: The idea of the supreme god. – Greece: Myth and logic. – Rome: Gods by conquest. – Persia: Cosmic dualism. – India: The eternal cycle. – Hindu mythology. – Mythology of Jainism. – Mythology og Buddhism. – Tribal mythologies of central India. – Mythology of the TAmils. – China: The struggle for power. – Japan: Cults and ceremonies. – The Shinto gods. – The Buddhist pantheon in Japan. – Celtic lands: Myth in history. – The continental Clets. – The insular Celts: Great Britanin and Ireland. -Germanic lands: The mortal gods. – Slav countries: Folklore of the forest. – Baltic lands: Nature worship. – Finald-Ugria: Magic animals. – Siberia: The three worlds. – Eskimo lands: Man agianst nature. – North America: Spirits of good and evil. – Central Ameria: Gods of sacrifice. – The Aztecs. – The Mayas. – South America: Creation and destruction. – Oceania: Society and tradition. – Melanesia. – Micronesia. – Australia. – Afraca: Magic and symbolsim. – Pygmies, bushmen and hottentots. – Bantu tribes of the south and east. – Tho Congo group. – The Nilotic tribes. – Sudanese mythologies. – The West African seaborad. – Madagascar. – Further reading. – Indbundet med omslag. – 560 sider. – Illustreret. – Pænt eksemplar.