Lawrence, D. H.

Lady Chatterley’s Lover


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For having published this book, Penguin Books were prsecuted under the Obscene Publications Act 1959 at the Old Bailey in London from 20 October to 2 November 1960. Then the jurors returned a verdict of “Not Guilty” , and Thus made D. H. Lawrence’s last novel available for the first time to the public in the UK. – The book is about Lady Constance Chatterley hos is trapped in a loveless marriage to a man WHO is impotent. Oppressed by her dreary life, she is drawn to Mellors the gamekeeper. Breaking out against the constraints of society she yields to her instinctive Desire for him and discovers the transforming power of physical love, which leads them both towards fulfilment.

Penguin Books 2014

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INDHOLD- Uindbundet. – Engelsk sprog. – 314 sider. – Som ny.