Wallner, Linda.

Introduction to pottery. A step-by-step project book.


DKK 120,00

To begin with work with clay in af farily basic way to provide a chance to experience the material, feel how long it remains maaleable, when it becomes dry, and when it starts to crack. Clay rewards careful handling, and does not like to be worked for too long – it can crumble to pieces. For the simplest clay shapes you need little equipment, just an absorbent cloth, a small wooden borad, cutting wire and a small knife. If you want to economize use a wooden kitchen borad and a cooking knife. A cut-up sheet will provide the cloth. When buying tools always look for quality and effectiveness. This step-by-step project book offers a wealth of handy hints and straightforward advice, designed especially for the first-time potter.

Chartwell Books, 1995.

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INDHOLD: Equipment. – Molding with clay. – Pottery without af wheel. – The coiling technique. – Slab building. – Throwing ad the wheel. – Firing.- Indbundet med omslag. – Illustreret. – 48 sider. – Pænt eksemplar.