Favier, Jean.

Gold & Spices. The Rise of Commerce in the Middle Ages.


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It is not the intention of this book t give a general picture of marketplaces, or to provide a list of the most successful stock exchanges and markets. The origin of commerce is a story of the formation and development of one or several types of businessmen. There emrged types – in all the diversity described here – wo were as able to adapt their ways of thinking to the realities of the economic world as to act collectiveli witnin social organizations created by others and for others. The social and intellectual outcome begs the question: Did businessmen really exist in the later Middle ges? Could it not be that there were simply people and business, in as many different varieties as there were climates and markets? There are several answers.

- Translated from the French by Caroline Higgitt.

Holmes & Meier, New York/London 1998.

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INDHOLD: List of maps. – Introduction.- Horizons. – Opening the way. – Learning about the world. – Privileges. – Competition. – Foreigners. – Currency. – Capital. – Business. – Credit in the marketplace. – Toward moderne banking. – The risks of business. – Accounting. – The power of business. – The businessman and the prince. – Social aspirations. – Fortune and conscience. – The merchant and the arts. – Conclusion. – Bibliography. – Index.- Indbundet. – 390 sider. – Illustreret med kort. – Pænt eksemplar m. hvidt dymomærke på ryggen.