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Egyptian Painting.


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Until now Pharaonic art has been celebrated chiefly for its architectural monuments and scuptures, which have largely overshadowed the extant paintings. Located in hundreds, not to say thousands, of widely scattered tombs, these works had long been accessible to scholars and public only through sketches, watercolor copies and black-and-white reproductions. The book describes Egypt painting from the First to the Thirtieth Dynasty, spanning as it did three thousand years, whree the Pharaonic regime was one of the longest in Antiquity and througout the period artists of the Nile Valley produced indisputable masterpieces.

Rissoli, New York 1978.

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INDHOLD: Old Kingdom. – Middle Kingdom. – New Kingdom. – Egyptian pictorial art. – The tombs of theri decoration. – Composition of the pictures. – Technical procedures. – Stylistic evolution. – Early phase of the new kingdom: Archaism. – Under Amenophis II and Tuthmosis IV: Grace and charm. – The trend towards acacemicism in imperial Egypt. – The Ramesside perioder: Cult of the picturesque. – Conclusion. – Bibliography. – Uindbundet. – Illustreret i farver. – 164 sider. – Pænt eksemplar.