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Batik in many forms.


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Batik does not require formal training. It does not require that you be an artist or designer, or even that yuo attend special clases in the process itself. Batik involves different materials, tools, and techniques, and the results are also intirely unique. Batik is the process ofcreating designs on fabric by applying hot,liquid wax to cloth and then dyeing it. The molten wax is applied to the cloth with brushes or a special batik insrument called tjanting, as as it is applied the wax penetrates the cloth and hardens. The cloth is then submerged in dye. When the cloth is dyed, the wax acts a a resist, preventing the dye from entering the cloth in the waxed areas thus creating af design on the fabric.

William Morrow and Company 1975

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INDHOLD: The basic materials of batik. – Fabric. – Wax. – Dyes. – The batik process. – Design. – Color. – Technique. – The batik process from start to finish. – Batik in many forms. – Suggested reading.- Indbundet med omslag. – Illustreret. – 159 sider. – Pænt eksemplar.