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An Introduction to the Ancient World.


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The roots of ancioent history lie in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean, in particula in the cultural centres of the ancient Near East and in those of the ancient Greeks and Romans. It is those areas that, between 3500 BC and AD 500, many of the distinctive features of modern Western culture originated, Our knowledge of ancient history is partly based on what has come down to us through the ages – information that was passed on from generation to generation, from antiquity to the present day. Numerous works of classical historians, poets, orators, philosophers and scientists have been preserved because they were copied over and over again.

Varenr. 91.4 – Uindbundet. – Illustreret. – 321 sider. – Som ny.

- Routledge, London and New York. 2007.

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INDHOLD: The origins of the civilasations of Egypt and Mesopotamia. – The third millennium BC. – The Second millennium BC. – The first milennium BC. – The empires of the Levant (750 BC-AD 700). – Religion. – Economy and society. – Government. – The Dark ages 1200-800 BC. – The Archaic period 800-500 BC. – The Classical period. – The Hellenistic era. – Early Roman history 754-265 BC. – Further expansion and new social tensions 264-133 BC – The century of the civil wars 133-30 BC. – The early imperial ages 27 BC – AD 193. – The crisis of the third century AD and late antiquity. – Appendices